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Songs I’ve Written With My Heart On My Sleeve

Songs I’ve Written With My Heart On My Sleeve

Hi My Friends,

I just released my 2nd full length CD Hat’s OFF! and selling music is not an easy task these days but I’m up for the challenge !!!  It’s a collection of songs from over the many years of my life as well my experiences in the music business. They are the songs I’ve written with my heart on my sleeve.  The CD is a road map to the events of love , heartache, and both the good and bad decisions in my life. I’ve never been any good at writing songs that don’t have meaning or purpose. So what you get in one of my records is me…pure and simple.  I like to get right to the point in my songs and I want to convey my message with as few words as possible!! Writing ballads is my forte; it’s what I grew up listening to on the radio in the 60’s and 70. Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Neil Young, and Tom Petty are just some of my influences and I have covered their songs over my career.

In 1982 I copyrighted my first song I Can’t Be With You Tonight written way back in that era. I was with a band MCP when we recorded this song along with a demo in Gainesville, Florida at the Modern Music Workshop. Another song on the record, Susanne ©1982, was never recorded in the studio before now. How I came across this song again was by a good friend of mine who had recorded me on an old school cassette deck 30 years earlier. I had basically forgotten about this song until a couple of years ago when he had come across the tape. He transferred it to CD form for me to listen to. That’s when I decided to record it for the new record. Songs like Secrets In Your Heart ©1982 and YDHTDN ©2015 were never recorded either. Still That Feelings There ©1982 demo was recorded at Modern Music Workshop but never released. This is what motivated me to finally put these song to use.  As the days go on I will talk about the songs and what inspired me to write them…….”and the beat goes on”